The all in one beauty device that works to deal with your skin problems

Deep Cleansing, Facial Massage, Wrinkle, Lines And Spots Reduce, Face Firming, Enhance Nutrients And Collagen Absorption... 

You are about to renew your skin with REJUTECH skincare device


“The key is not the brand of your skincare products, it is the way how you apply them!”

Your serums and creams can only work their magic when applied to clean skin. The accurate and exact frequency in vibration helps to remove oil, dirt and impurities from the bottom of your skin.

Amma Olson Skincare Specialist, Blogger, Writer

If you answer yes to any of these...You need a REJUTECH

Do you…

Have difficulties in getting rid of oily skin?

Solution: Based on the ion principle, the residual oil, dust and cosmetics in pores can be sucked out during makeup removal. 

Have blackheads, Acne or spots?

Solution: Red LED light clear the dark spots. Blue LED improves acne and blackheads.

Find your skin dull and loose?

Solution: EMS micro current stimulate facial muscles through a weak current, lift the skin, and make it firmer and more refined.

Find your branded skin cares does't work?

Solution: Our massager introduce the nutrients in skin care products into the skin, increasing the effectiveness

Red Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy

Why everyone needs it

Benefits of Rejutech

Clean your thoroughly

Vibration + warm temperature is one of the easiest ways to achieve a professional-level cleanse and exfoliation in the comfort of your home. Known to open pores and remove excess dirt, blackheads and oil from the bottom of skin. Gentle yet effective cleansing and exfoliation to remove the makeup.

Save your money for buying luxury skin cares

With the help of vibrating, +ve and -ve ions generated by the device are directly injected through the opened pores for penetrating the skin care’s ingredients and nutrition to the skin. It dramatically increases the absorption and enhances the performance of your skin care products!

Makes you look firmer and younger

The EMS micro current improves the circulation and general flow of blood beneath the surface of your skin. It helps to tighten enlarged pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and elastin production for firmer and younger-looking skin. It also stimulates skin tissue and facial muscles for a lifted appearance.

All in one with latest technology to deal with common skin problems

LED therapy, vibration cleansing, EMS micro current firming, Ions and nutrition introducing are the main stream working theory of skin care, supported by science and technology today. Each therapy may cost you hundreds dollar and time in any beauty salons. But now, you can get all the benefits from one single device, which is the revolution in home skincare device history!

What makes Rejutech different?

Not all the LED therapy devices are the same

Our R&D team read many of the latest skin care technology journals as foundation to develop our own devices. We spent over 2 years to build over 20 prototypes from different factories with different components so as to pick the best. Few LEDs manufacturers are able to make the core LED emitting the light exactly within the specific wavelength. It also requires special circuit design to overcome the bottleneck in maintaining the light in stable and consistent.

It is tested and evaluated by hundreds of volunteers with different skin textures and problems to ensure the effectiveness!

Real People Real Results

"I Highly Recommend This!"

Seriously, since using this for 15 minutes each day, my skin has been looking amazing. I'm almost 46 and I think this device is reversing my aging. I have melasma (well, I did) but since using the device (just 3 weeks) my major brown spots are nearly gone. The texture of my skin is much better and it's tighter.

Maria Ferguson - Model

"Best skincare device I have ever owned!"

It works wonderful!! I have been used for several times so far and I found a significant change on my face. I felt it smoother and tighter after each therapy. Im sure if I will continue regularly use it, my face will look much more younger. LED photon light is helping to get rid of wrinkles, large pores, blackheads, birthmarks, brown spots, scars and acne. It need 4-6 weeks of regular treatment to get visible results. 

Ella Johnson - Fashion Editor

"Amazing! It works well!"

It's the first device of this style I buy. I 've been using it for a week and I really like the feeling it leaves on the skin. It's very easy to use. I am really so impressed of this product because it is so effective! I start recommending it to all of my friends and customers, because they already start seeing some changes. I see them too. Affordable price. Truly recommend.

Kate William - Beauty Saloon Owner

Our products are being counterfeited, imitated or copied but not the quality


More Happy Rejutech Customers

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Customers served! 999 Reviews

2nd time of purchase as a gift for my friend

" Skin facial massager works awesome! It will open your pores and tighten your skin great price well with then money I have notice a difference after using a few times. "  Jennifer H.   ✔ Verified Buyer

Super effect for my acnes

"Having acne growing on your face can be the most annoying thing in the world especially when you are in your mid-thirties. Plus I have wrinkle to worry for. I start using this led face mask about 14 days ago ,and all i can say is I see significant improvement on my skin."  

Elena   ✔ Verified Buyer

Easy, Fabulous, Amazing

" If you want a easy, multi use, effective device - then this machine is for you! I love that the unit is light weight and flexible making it easy for traveling. The flexible design makes it easy to use. Within a 10 minute treatment everyday, I have noticed a reduction of spots and wrinkles when I use this device. "  K.Kelly   ✔ Verified Buyer

I am now confident again

" I am on prescription strength topical acne medication and often get irritation and inflammation side affects from the medication. I have noticed a reduction in my acne inflammation and irritation when using the blue light setting."  

D.Scarlett   ✔ Verified Buyer

Works like magic

"After the first week, I can see my skin getting smoother but not removing the wrinkle completely. During second week, I have noticed less acne growing on my face,and my wrinkles are gone completely big change .As for the Acne I have yet to see any new grown on my face. I am very excited and happy with the results. "  

Jennifer H.   ✔ Verified Buyer

Recommend to everyone

"I'm so thankful I found this LED Light. It's been a while I keep looking the best and affordable one that I can add for my facial service. My clients love it! I can see the good result right after the treatment.. I love this and I'm so thankful I found this. "  

Elkie W.✔ Verified Buyer


"I don't have a lot of time for an intensive facial regime. After reading about led facial treatments, I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised how well it works and how quickly you see results! My face feels tighter and I've been told by more than one person that I look great and well rested... Which is definitely not the case! One of the best skin care investments I've made."  

Karen   ✔ Verified Buyer

Excellent product!

"Shipping is little bit slow, maybe due to the Covid19, but product is good! It makes my face much smoother and has been fading my acne scars quickly. Applying make up looks MUCH better now and I do see a difference when using this product versus when I don't. I have used it at one to two times a day since receiving it"  

Jessica D.✔ Verified Buyer

I use it everyday!

"Great device Super cleanses the skin on the face recommend"  

Anonymous Buyer


"very happy with the shipment service. The product matches the description, which I can't believe it!"  

Jones ✔ Verified Buyer

Just as described 

"I am excited and happy with the results. "  

Anonymous Buyer

My face is cleaner than ever

"Skin facial massager works awesome and will open your pores and tighten your skin great price well with then money I have notice a difference after using a few times, Amazing! "  

Doris✔ Verified Buyer

The best LED massager

"After two months used these product, I can bring my opinion..... these product is amazing, the skin care face is really good, I’m skin care professional and use the face equipment in my daughter 16 years old for control acne, and spots the results by controlling your acne are impressive!!!..... the professional body therapy machine help me tone my belly and unify the color on the stretch marks. 100% recommended."  

Winnie  ✔ Verified Buyer

Excelente producto

"Tengo ya un tiempo en esto de los productos LED y en mi experiencia puedo decir que lo más importante es la potencia para la penetración dentro de las capas de piel y este producto me sorprendió!!!! Es la tercera máscara que compro y las otras dos no se comparan en absoluto, la he probado yo en el aspecto del anti Age con el led rojo y mi hija con el led azul para acné. Es sumamente fácil de utilizar muy cómodo y empezamos a ver resultados a los pocos días de haberlo empezado a usar."  

Priscilla K..✔ Verified Buyer

Best Investment in my life

"I used it in a professional spa before doing the purchase. The few times I used it in the spa it helped with brightness on my skin and my melasma patches. It also helped with softening winkles. I Use at home about 4 times a week and I continue to see the results. I also used a different part of the body (arms and stomach). After two months I’m very happy with this machine. I’ve saved a lot of money by not getting the treatment at the spa.
It’s worth the investment.

Dean. D   ✔ Verified Buyer

Led works

"I can't put 5 stars because the packing box suffered damage when arrived. However, It has been fading my acne scars quickly. Applying make up looks MUCH better now and I do see a difference when using this product versus when I don't. I have used it at one to two times a day since receiving it"  

Anonymous Buyer

Olivia Munn

Tons of celebs like Olivia Munn rely on a beauty secret that keeps her skin young and elastic — LED light therapy

“I have my own facial set up, I've got the professional-grade products and machines, and any girlfriend that comes over to the house, I love doing facials with them,” the Rook actress told in October 2018. “But one of the best things is the red and blue light therapy. The red light helps develop collagen and repair things inside, and the blue light is good for killing bacteria and things like that. And I keep a zapper with me whenever I go anywhere, because if you get a little pimple here or there, just zap it off."                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Source:

Find out more stories about celebs adopting LED light therapy:

Chrissy Teigen, Martha Hunt, Kristin Cavallari, Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Kate Hudson, Carole Radziwill, Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba

Deep cleaning with massage

Based on the ion principle, the residual oil, dust and cosmetics in pores can be sucked out during makeup removal. 

Introducing nutrients 

The facial massager can effectively introduce the nutrients in skin care products into the skin, increasing the effectiveness of your skin cares.

EMS micro-current lifting

Stimulate facial muscles through a weak current, which can eliminate edema, diminish wrinkles, lift the skin, and make your face firmer and more refined.

LED Light Therapy

Red light waves can effectively penetrate the skin, activate collagen activity, and improve dark spots. Blue wave improves acne and blackheads.


✨ Facial Lifting Skin Rejuvenation beauty Device
✨ Material: ABS & Stainless Steel
✨ Colour: White
✨ Product size: 18*10.5*6cm
✨ Battery capacity: 3.7v/ 500 mAh
✨ Power: 5V/1A
✨ Working Time: 3 minutes / times
✨ Power Supply: USB
✨ Charging time: 3 hours
✨ Weight: 285g/pc
✨ Feature: Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Face Massage
✨ Technology: red/blue light care, high frequency vibration, EMS micro-current, positive and negative ions, hot compress

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What is Rejutech?

We are a Hong Hong based, fast growing technology company. Our R&D team read many of the latest skin care technology journals as foundation to develop our own devices. We spent over 2 years to build over 20 prototypes from different factories with different components so as to pick the best.


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